a better life

So I just got out of one of my sociology lectures which is Organizational Behavior. In this class we’re often talking about how fucked up shit is and a while ago we were talking about undocumented workers who work in garment factories. How due to their status, their managers, bosses, whoever in charge feel like it doesn’t matter how they treat their workers. This meaning giving no benefits to their workers, harassing them, etc.

Well today, a classmate of mine brought in her mother who once worked in a garment factory and she told us her story. She suffered through wage theft, being harassed, and health issues due to this working industry. We’re often told these stories and feel for them, but actually hearing about it from the source has a completely different meaning.

At one point one of my other classmates had ask “Have you ever been deported or detained?” My professor jumped in to tell the mother that there are questions she doesn’t have to answer. She then proceeded by saying “I am not ashamed. I have been deported and I’ve come back. We all know how corrupt Mexico is and thats why there are so many undocumented people here.” She said it with so much power, she is not afraid rather she is proud.

Despite what she went through she is so confident and strong and it gave me so much motivation to continue going on. At the end she gave us a speech saying how we are the blessed ones, to take advantage of this financial aid and this school. To never give up, and to reach for that job once we graduate. It was as if my parents were speaking to me. But then she said don’t do it for your parents, I know y’all have this mentality that this is a way to give back to us, but we’ve already struggled and worked up until this point, we just want you to reach higher and continue living this better life.

There is no reason for me to give up now when I have these opportunities.


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