Just like love and hate, friendship has such a powerful meaning. Well it does to me. I can’t just be friends with anyone anymore. At some point in life you begin to realize that everyone may be friendly or something but they won’t always be there for you. 

This then leads me to what even is friendship? Are the people we surround ourselves daily our friends because we want them to be our friends or because we’re just so used to them being there. I doubt so many things and this is one of them. Did I force myself to be friends with these people, or was it naturally? Yeah some people think it’s obvious, like they’d say “you stayed friends with them for a reason didn’t you?” I’m not sure. 

Now this isn’t bashing any of my friends I have right now. I love the relationships we have. I’m just not so sure I understand a lot of things. I may be overthinking. I may not? Is this a mind game with myself? Or did the government mind fuck me into overthinking every single aspect of my life. 

I mean we could always blame the government?🤷🏽‍♀️ this post went everywhere, that’s how you know there’s so much thinking going on


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