day 1 – may 12

I’ve decided to write down at least 3 good things that happened to me each day. I need to remember that I do have good things in life and not to be so pessimistic.

Also it’s a Friday night.

  • I woke up in San Diego.
    • Being home is always great, I don’t have to stress about school, summer is here.
  • I bought tickets to the Real Friends show tomorrow
    • It’s going to be a show where I can let myself go. All emotions will be set free and no one will be judging me.
  • I don’t know how to explain this last one. I feel like my high school self crushing on a boy. You know that butterfly feeling, that.
    • It’s not like I even know this guy. I would love too though. But lmao I ruined my chances at that with me drunk messaging him last weekend.


I was on a good note then put myself down in the end. I promise I’ll get better. A promise to myself.


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