lets be real here. I always come back to here when I'm feeling hopeless and lonely. Which is daily but some days are worse than others.  I have so much to love and live for but I feel so empty. 


hello hello 

fake happy.  Paramore released a new album last night and its just speaking to me. You know when you legit put on a face/act that you're content with everything in life but in reality you're dying on the inside because that's this album. So hyped and moving but the lyrics are so touching and emotional.  … Continue reading hello hello 


Here's an update. I told myself I'd be more you know rave enough to do things sober. So I did and they didn't go very well and now it's like hitting me hard. Like as a reminder of this is why I don't say shit because you'll look fucking stupid and then you'll get all … Continue reading mistakes