suns out

It's my last week of lecture for this school year and the weather decided to get crazy.  We're at mid 90s when just last week it was high 60s/low 70s. That being said it is so hot and I've decided to wear shorts. Now I'm not skinny and I do have cellulite. So I'm always … Continue reading suns out


12 days left

and I can go home. ill be done with my 2nd year of college. like where did all this time go? i still remember moving into my dorm my first year, then moving into this apartment, and now i have to find some new place to live. its crazy how time flies. so many things … Continue reading 12 days left

long day

I'm ready to go back home. Just two weeks left and I'll be done with my second year of college. All this stress from both myself and friends is too much. It's making me realize how miserable I actually am. Obviously I don't allow myself to show it but I'm like slowly killing myself on … Continue reading long day

real talk

I've been reading a lot of blogs lately and been motivated myself to finally actually let things out as they are. So here goes. I'm 19 years old, about to finish my 2nd year of college and I'm not sure what I'm feeling. I've said previously how I'm surrounded by good things so there is … Continue reading real talk